Mosaico Digital Assets

Reshaping the financial industry


We came from top tier financial institutions and combined our capital markets expertise with tech entrepreneurs. Together we share the goal of providing professional and qualified investors with access and infrastructure to digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, while ensuring we create an environment of governance and compliance with traditional markets standards.

Our solutions

It is all about trust, security, scalability, governance and compliance.


Atbash Fund is an investment vehicle for accredited and qualified investors who wish to have exposure to the price variation of cryptocurrencies. Simple and safe.


Mosaico OTC is a platform that provides access to a deep pool of liquidity to high net worth individuals and institutions that want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in a professional and structured environment.


Mosaico Exchange is a negotiation platform with modular infrastructure for professional and institutional traders. Based on robust, secure and compliant technology, Mosaico Exchange is the digital assets exchange of the future today.


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